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Guest Post: The Importance of Words by Jeffery Viles

29 Dec

Words are not just important, they are the key invention of Homo sapiens, which  separates us by miles from the other animals here on planet earth.  With our complex languages and  hundreds of  thousands of words, we describe things we can see and touch and things we only imagine.  What is in front of us and what is not. The trick is to string words together in clear sentences that tell a story, an imaginative vision, or a descriptive picture.  For me, the challenge is to use surprising and creative language within those sentences to catch the reader’s attention — to make the effort an entertainment for both  writer and reader. Continue reading

Reminder: Site Changes This Weekend; Expect Weirdness

28 Dec

Hello! You may recall us mentioning that we plan to move our website over to our new host soon. We may even have mentioned that it would happen the weekend of New Year’s. Welp, that’s this weekend. At some point on Saturday (Dec. 30th), we’ll begin the transfer process from WordPress hosting to our new host. This process should be pretty quick, but we’re setting aside the entire weekend just in case there are any issues.

Here’s what you should expect around these parts in the next couple weeks:

  1. The link to our website may not work for a short period of time (possibly as little as a few hours).
  2. When the site finally transfers over, you’ll notice some BIG changes. Our navigation will look quite different, and a lot of things may be a mess for a while. The main feed should continue to work just fine, so you shouldn’t miss anything. Just hang in there. We’ll get it all cleaned up before our new season starts.
  3. Once everything is cleaned up and in working order, we’ll issue another announcement on our main feed letting you know of all of the changes and what you can do to make sure you don’t miss anything (or how you can take advantage of all the new things).

And that’s it. So expect some weirdness over the weekend and in the weeks to follow.

And thanks for listening and reading in 2017!

Book Review: Girl Reporter by Tansy Rayner Roberts

28 Dec


Living up to the standards of your mother is no easy thing sometimes. Especially when you are Friday Valentina, daughter of Tina Valentina. Tina Valentina broke barriers as a girl reporter interviewing the Australian superhero Solar and breaking news about Australian superheroes for decades. To this day, Tina Valentina is THE Girl Reporter. That’s a lot to live up to.

Living in the 21st century, instead of writing for outfits like Women’s Weekly, Friday has a YouTube channel where she covers superheroes in her own way, like mother, like daughter. Hey, she’s just gotten one million hits on her channel. Friday’s huge! She’s also grown up in a world where superheroes are real and a thing, and she is possibly the daughter of one, or at least all the gossip and tabloids suggest so anyway. Her mother doesn’t talk about that either.  

So in a 21st century world where superheroes are a thing and you are trying to follow in your mother’s trailblazing path…and your mother suddenly disappears, then your course of action is clear: Use your skills and existing connections to Australia’s superheroes to go find her. Rescue Mom, get the story. Even if dimension hopping is involved. Even if secrets about your Mom’s history, and the history of Australian superheroes get exposed in the process. Continue reading

Signal Boost #31: Wrapping Up the Year

26 Dec

In our final podcast of the year, Shaun and Jen offer a quick wrap-up of all the things we loved about 2017. We share some of our favorite episodes, remind folks of our listener/reader survey, and offer up some last minute mini boosts to make 2017 just a little bit more joyful.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

Note:  If you have iTunes and like this show, please give us a review on our iTunes page, or feel free to email us with your thoughts about the show!

Here’s the episode (show notes are below): Continue reading

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