2013 Episodes

Discussion Episodes

  • What We’re Looking Forward to in 2013 w/ Stina Leicht — Episode 125
  • Dystopia, Why So Prevalent? w/ Andrew Liptak and James Decker — Episode 129
  • Hugo Nominations w/ Adam Callaway — Episode 134
  • Folklore, Myth, and Narrative w/ Marie Brennan — Episode 135
  • Hugo and Clarke Award Roundtable w/ Stina Leicht and Liz Bourke — Episode 139
  • New Pulp, Reviews, and Amazon w/ Tim Pratt and Adam Christopher — Episode 140
  • Final Hugo Thoughts + the Hugh Howey Fiasco w/ Justin Landon and Jonathan McCalmont — Episode 141
  • Teaching SF/F w/ David Annandale — Episode 145
  • Artificial Intelligence and You w/ Mary Robinette Kowal — Episode 146
  • SF/F by Women w/ Susan Bigelow and Emma Newman — Episode 151
  • Violence in Genre Fiction w/ Brad Beaulieu and Stephanie Saulter — Episode 154
  • Speculative Fiction 2012 and SF Criticism w/ Justin Landon and Jared Shurin — Episode 155
  • The Hugo Final Ballot w/ Justin Landon and Renay — Episode 159
  • Worldcon Walkby Session #1 w/ Keffy Kerhli, Rachael Acks, Michael J. Martinez, Karen Burnham, and Kyell Gold — Episode 162
  • Post-Worldcon/Post-Hugo Thoughts w/ Mike Underwood and Justin Landon — Episode 164
  • Worldcon Walkby Session #2:  WSFS, Cross-species Romance, and Science Fiction (w/ Rachael Acks) — Episode 167
  • Science Fiction, Then and Now w/ Sarah Zettel and Mike Reeves-McMillan — Episode 168
  • Religion and Genre Fiction w/ Max Gladstone and David Levine — Episode 175
  • SF/F and Music w/ Peter Orullian and John Anealio — Episode 181


Shoot the WISB

Torture Cinema

Special Episodes


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