Announcement: The 2017 Listener / Reader Survey

19 Dec

I know. We’re a bit late putting this message up on the blog. Still, better late than never, amaright?

Two years ago, we ran a survey primarily for listeners of the show. The intent was get a better sense of what was working and not working for our listeners, what listeners wanted us to do in the future, etc. Now it’s 2017, the year of trashfires, and we’re trying to end things on a high note with a bunch of fantastically geeky podcasts and a brand new survey for listeners AND blog readers.

So, here we are imploring you to take our survey. It has questions about how you listen to the show, what you like the most/least, polls on ideas we have for the future, questions about blog content, requests for suggestions for future content, Patreon and funding-related questions, and more.

If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, please take the survey. The more responses we get, the better able we are to improve the podcast for the future. You can either open the survey in a new tab or fill it out in the following embedded form.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for listening to the podcast and reading the blog! You rock!


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