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Do you love our content?  Want to help us make more of it?  Skiffy and Fanty is looking for more contributors!  We’re an unpaid group of fans who like to yammer on about science fiction and fantasy — join us and help us take over the world, one review at a time.

Email us at with a short cover letter about how you found us and why you want to join our family, as well as a link to your blog or links to at least three different writing samples, and what sections you’d like to contribute to!  Applicants should be familiar with WordPress, Googledocs, Twitter, and deadlines.  There may be additional requirements in the descriptions, so read thoroughly!

We’re looking for diverse perspectives, especially POC and LGBT+, but please don’t hesitate to apply.  Skiffy and Fanty wants to broaden our horizons and help the world grow in turn, and we’d love to have you join our team!  We’re committed to using more of our space to uplift marginalized communities, and using our platform to bolster your voices in every way we can.  

We have openings for reviewers of each of the following categories, and we may have multiple openings for a few of them.  Writers will submit 1+ articles a month in their area, and may be asked to contribute to podcasts as well.



Are you loving Star Trek: Discovery?  Want to recap some of your favorite SFF shows from the past?  We’re looking for reviews that focus on current issues and debates in televised SFF and take a deeper look at diversity, tech, and the television industry as a whole.   Send us a list of TV shows you’d be interested in covering along with your writing samples!


We’re looking for someone to focus specifically on SFF LGBT+ novels, short stories, movies, and everything else, too.  Reviewers should be familiar with current discourse in the LGBT+ community and have a focus on intersectionality and positive representation.


Do you have “capital-O Opinions” on the latest Star Wars movie?  Ready to dig your teeth into the latest mess?  We want to hear about it!  Send us a list of the last five SFF movies you’ve seen along with your writing samples.  Applicants should be familiar with current discourse on diversity and controversies in the industry.

Anime & Cartoons

Our reviewer for this section will write about SFF in animation.  We’re looking for a focus on issues and discourse within the fan community as well as active discussions about the people behind the scenes of animation.  Send us a list of shows you would be interested in covering alongside your writing samples!

Comics & Graphic Novels

We want to help highlight the amazing creators of the comic and graphic novel industries.  We’re especially interested in reviews that focus on indie works, diverse creators, and web comics.  Monthly reviews can focus on a specific series, or spread out to cover general topics and releases.  Applicants should include a list of recent reads in their email.

Young Adult

Young adult is a growing voice, and we want to help it grow!  We are most interested in reviews that focus on diversity and accessibility in this audience range.  Reviewers can expect to cover specific books and larger topics about the young adult industry in books as a whole.  Experience with interviewing is a plus, but not required!

Small Press

We want to help represent small press SFF, and we want someone dedicated to helping promote small press publishers and their authors!  Reviewers will be provided with ARC’s for their monthly review as requested from publishers.


Does your heart melt with romance?  Need an excuse to read more of it, and tell everyone about it?  No worries, we can help!  Reviewers should expect to focus on marginalized voices and showcase positive entries in the genre, and should focus on diversity and inclusion within the sub-genre.


We’re looking for someone with a strong heart and an interest in scary stuff for this category!  Reviews will include movies, books, and genre-specific works in general.  We’re also looking for reviewers who can discuss the horror industry as a whole, focusing on SFF foundations and topics.

Short Fiction

We’re hoping to highlight authors of poetry, flash fiction, and short fiction with this category.  Reviewers for this category will be responsible for finding the majority of works they review.

Non-Fiction (genre adjacent)

Yes, yes, we know that this is kind of a stretch.  But we’re looking for someone to look at genre-adjacent non-fiction, give us highlights on the up-and-coming names in SFF, and be on the lookout for books that look at the science of SF and the underlying mechanics of SFF.  Experience with interviewing authors is a plus, but not required.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Last updated: November 2017

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