Guest Post Guidelines

There are three master topic categories for the blog:

  1. General Interest
  2. Product Related
  3. Theme Specific (not all years have a theme)

The following is a breakdown of possible topics that fall under these categories. Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. If you have an idea for a post, which may or may not fit neatly into a category, let us know (i.e., pitch it). However, please keep in mind that we do not pay for content.

General Interest

These topics would include the following post types:

  • Book/Movie/Comic Reviews (self-explanatory)
  • Book/Movie/Comic Discussions, including:
    • Why the message of a Book/Movie/Comic is important
    • What a Book/Movie/Comic means in our contemporary moment
    • Why a Book/Movie/Comic deserves more attention than it currently receives (or why the praise it already receives is deserved)
    • Explorations of older or obscure Books/Movies/Comics of note
    • General squee
  • Book/Movie/Comic Lists, including:
    • Book/Movie/Comic of a type (genre, theme, etc.) that are great or important
    • Book/Movie/Comic that influenced you as a writer OR impacted your life in some way (made you cry, helped you through something terrible, changed your worldview, made you laugh uncontrollably)

Feel free to explore other manifestations or combinations of these topics.

Product Related

These topics would include one of the following post types:

  • My Superpower
    • For this post type, authors tell us about one weird skill, neat trick, highly specialized cybernetic upgrade, or other superpower they have, and how it helped (or hindered!) their creative process as they built their project. These are typically playful in form, though this is not required. Examples can be found here:
  • Writing Procedurals
    • For this post type, authors discuss some specific aspect of the writing process without the didacticism typical of writing-related posts. Rather than a “how to,” Writing Procedurals are explorations of writing issues. This might include the strange things one learns while conducting research into 1920s porcelain dolls, the personal value of rewriting, how reading inside and/or outside of genre (or a sub-genre) influences your writing process, and so on. If you did something really unique or difficult while writing your story or creating a comic — and you’re just itching to talk about it — Writing Procedurals are a great place to do it.

We are also open to other post types that fit in this category. As a general rule, however, Product Related posts should avoid being so simplified as to give the appearance of existing solely to plug a book. Make the content fun, interesting, unique, weird, etc.; give the reader something to think about!

Theme Specific

Some years, we maintain a loose theme for the entire year. As such, posts that address topics relevant to that theme are welcome. These posts may fall into any of the categories listed above or take on a more direct “commentary” approach to the theme and/or issues related to it.

Throughout 2017, our podcast and blog is dedicated to the theme of “Inclusivity,” which we interpret as a broad political perspective that recognizes the inherent value of individuals of all walks of life and actively pursues the creation of a more inclusive space. For us, that means creating a blog that includes a wide variety of content relevant to many audiences and maintaining a podcast that includes as many peoples, groups, identities, etc. as possible.

Style and Format Guidelines

This section is reserved for those writing one post for the blog. As such, the guidelines are very minimal, and are as follows:


  • Length:  500-2,500 words, with a sweet spot in the 1,000 word range
  • Style:  For the most part, we allow the author’s style to reign supreme. That said, there are a few things that all posts should include:


      • Appropriate paragraphing
      • Appropropriate language (minimal cursing, not overly technical or overly casual unless a post type calls for it, etc.)


  • Formatting:  If you have special formatting requirements for images, text, etc., please indicate as much in your written document. Otherwise, we will use a default format that embeds images between paragraphs (centered), uses block format for paragraphs, etc.


Note that our “in house” editor, Trish Matson, may make minor adjustments to your text, including grammar issues, etc. Any major change, such as adding or deleting content, altering meaning, etc. will not be made without your permission and/or input.


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