Interview / Review Guidelines

Our guidelines for interviews and reviews are as follows:

  • Our 2015 themeWomen and Non-Binary in SFF!
    • This year, we will focus our attention on the contributions of women and non-binary people to SFF.
    • Note:  The World SF Tour is now an ongoing project. We will try to cover material from outside the U.S. on a periodic basis.
  • We will consider any novel, short story collection, audiobook, film, or comic which could be broadly defined as science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, or supernatural horror.  When we say “broadly,” we mean it.
  • We will also consider books which may be of interest to readers of the aforementioned genres, including biographies, histories, science books, and so on.  As a general rule, these related books should in some way connect to sf/f.  Michio Kaku’s science books, for example, often explore ideas which are commonly found in science fiction, and Speculative Fiction 2012 and 2013 both collect the best online critical writings within the sf/f community.  We’re open to other possibilities.
  • If you are interested in being on the show and/or having your work reviewed, send an email to skiffyandfanty[at] with a description of the work (a press release, etc.).  We accept books from anywhere, though our reviewers are only located in the US and the UK.
    • Please provide the following in your email (these details help our reviewers decide what they’d like to review):
      • A description of the work (the synopsis and any related press material; a press release is also acceptable, in text or PDF form)
      • A link to the publisher’s page for the work (or a related page where a reader might find info about the book)
      • A link to an excerpt (if available)
      • Release date (this helps us determine urgency)
      • Traditional, hybrid, and self-published works will all be considered for the podcast or our reviewing crew.
  • Please note that we have a limited number of slots on the podcast and a small crew of reviewers.  We will do our best to cover as much as possible.

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