344. Krampus: The Reckoning (2015) — A Special Holiday Torture Cinema “Adventure”

24 Dec Krampus: The Reckoning

Tang, overbites, and gratuitous boob shots, oh my! In this special Holiday edition of Torture Cinema, Shaun, Paul, Jen, Alex, and Becca mix too much alcohol with a really, truly terrible movie. This one definitely comes with some language and content warnings, because the team is just so very angry that they have to watch this. They discuss how a potentially interesting premise is utterly destroyed by an awful, convoluted script, terrible production values, and some of the worst acting that the state of Arizona has ever produced. The only reason we can come up with that anyone should ever watch this film is so they know how NOT to make a movie.

Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Book Review: The Red Men by Matthew de Abaitua

22 Dec

About a third of the way through The Red Men, Matthew de Abaitua’s ravishing new-old (I’ll explain in a moment) cyberpunk nightmare, is very likely the creepiest scene I’ve ever encountered in literature. Not just in genre fiction. In literature. I’m not going to spoil it for you. You’ll know it when you hit it. And your brain will leap out of your skull and try to escape the building, flopping and squelching across the floor until it’s stuck hurling itself ineffectually against a door or gate or other obstacle. Help me.

You’ll want to chase after it so you can read the rest of the book.

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Retro Childhood Review: The Dark is Rising

21 Dec The Dark is Rising Cover

There was an endless variety of faces — gay, sombre, old, young, paper-white, jet-black, and every shade and gradation of pink and brown between — vaguely recognizable, or totally strange… [Will] thought: these are my people. This is my family, in the same way as my real family. The Old Ones. Every one is linked, for the greatest purpose in the world.

I was going to start my review of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising Sequence with the first in the series, Over Sea, Under Stone, because it holds a certain place of nostalgia based on its similarity to other much loved childhood fiction like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, both being about a group of absurdly normal siblings doing something important. But as I considered what I wanted to read to finish out 2017, a year full of darkness for so many people, the only book that seemed appropriate was The Dark is Rising. Because what’s more relevant than a book about how one person can fight back the darkness by finding strength in the love and support of family, friends, and a world that is fighting with him? Especially when it’s full of winter holiday cheer.
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Signal Boost #30: Michelle Kan (No More Heroes) and Rachel Cordasco (SFinTranslation.com)

19 Dec

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Becca talks to Michelle Kan about her book, No More Heroes. They discuss what it meant for Michelle to write an #OwnVoices gender-fluid aro-ace character that included her ethnic heritage, issues with anxiety, and parkour! They also talk about how Michelle wrote No More Heroes during NaNoWriMo and how her film-making education helps her write.

Then Rachel Cordasco, founder of SFinTranslation.com, joins Jen to talk about what she does at SF in Translation, what inspired her to create the site. They also discuss how much speculative fiction there really is in translation, what makes a good translation, and some of Rachel’s favorite translated works of 2017.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Announcement: The 2017 Listener / Reader Survey

19 Dec

I know. We’re a bit late putting this message up on the blog. Still, better late than never, amaright?

Two years ago, we ran a survey primarily for listeners of the show. The intent was get a better sense of what was working and not working for our listeners, what listeners wanted us to do in the future, etc. Now it’s 2017, the year of trashfires, and we’re trying to end things on a high note with a bunch of fantastically geeky podcasts and a brand new survey for listeners AND blog readers. Continue reading

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