Signal Boost

Signal Boost is our series of podcasts highlighting (generally underrepresented) SFF and SFF adjacent topics, works and creators that we think you should pay attention to! Each episode is approximately a half hour in length and includes two formats: 1) Short interviews with creators and 2) a conversation between Skiffy and Fanty hosts about topical issues.

If you’d like to suggest something that you think our listeners should pay attention to, feel free to send us an email (skiffyandfanty[at]gmail[dot]com), leave a comment anywhere on this site, or send a message to our Twitter account.  We will do our best to include your suggestions in future episodes.

  • #1 — George Sandison (2084) and Alexandra Pierce (Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler)
  • #2 — Feliza Casano (Girls in Capes) and Sarah Gailey (River of Teeth) (forthcoming)
  • #3 — A Conversation about Marvel’s Nazi Problem + Mini-Boosts!
  • #4 — Gideon Marcus ( and Andrew Barton (Tailings of the Golden Age)
  • #5 — A Conversation about CoGeeko Ergo Sum
  • #6 — Sophia Chester (Cosmic Callisto Caprica/Rocket Romance) and Heather Rose Jones (Alpennia Series/Lesbian Historic Motif Project)
  • #7 — Ashlee Blackwell (Graveyard Shift Sisters)and Carrie Patel (Pillars of Eternity/Recolleta Series)
  • #8 — A Conversation about the Importance of Wonder Woman
  • #9 — Sarah Dodd (Samovar) and Rod Faulkner (The 7th Matrix)
  • #10 — A Conversation about Alien Nation (let’s reboot it!), Supergirl, and the positive male relationships in The Flash.
  • #11 — Tanya DePass (#INeedDiverseGames/From the Margins) and Hope Nicholson (The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen/Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time)
  • #12 — A Conversation about Conventions, Economics, and Inclusion
  • #13 — Nicky Drayden (The Prey of Gods) and Wendy Wagner (An Oath of Dogs)
  • #14 — Elsa Sjunneson-Henry & Dominik Parisien (Uncanny Magazine’s “Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction” Kickstarter) and Dave Robison (Archivos)
  • #15 — A Conversation about Helsinki WorldCon & WSFS Business
  • #16 — Fran Wilde (Horizon) and Bogi Takács (Transcendent 2: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction)
  • #17 — A Conversation about YA, Ageism, and Assholes
  • #18 — Michael J. Martinez (MJ-12: Shadows) and Patrick Hester (Samantha Kane: Into the Fire)
  • #19 — A Conversation about SFF Canon
  • #20 — Sandra Odell and Ausma Zehanat Khan (The Bloodprint)
  • #21 — Nathan Adler and Darcie Little Badger
  • #22 — Tony Liburd and Stephen Graham Jones (Demon)
  • #23 — Eden Royce and Karolina Fedyk
  • #24 — Ian Muneshwar and Zin E. Rocklyn
  • #25 — Mike Brooks (Dark Deeds) and S.A. Chakraborty (The City of Brass)
  • #26 — A Conversation about All the Star Wars
  • #27 — K. Arsenault Rivera (The Tiger’s Daughter) and Stacey Berg (Echo Hunter 367 Duology)
  • #28 — Claudie Arseneault (City of Spires Trilogy) and Brandon O’Brien
  • #29 — A Conversation about Our New Website, Patreon, and the 2017 Listener/Reader Survey
  • #30 — Michelle Kan (No More Heroes) and Rachel Cordasco (
  • #31 — Wrapping Up the Year

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